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NIKO is our registered brand in India.
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MEDISHARE has professionals, who have varied experience in Sales and Marketing of Health Care Disposable, with full knowledge of domestic markets and imports of medical products in India. India is a developing country having population of over 1 Billion people and Government of India has liberalized import substantially to encourage development by direct imports and by setting up a small collaboration for re-packing re-assembling, EOU for buy back. The insurance sector is vast grouping and help in providing Health care needs of patients who are covered by health Insurance.

MEDISHARE has been a leader in the export and import market for last 20 years, specializing in the medical and surgical field.  We represent many manufacturers from U.S., U.K., Denmark, Sweden and Germany.  At Medishare we understand the intricacies of international business and providing health care for all as per Government Policy.




1.        Top quality products at reasonable prices.
2.        Providing innovative products.
3.        Sourcing products to meet future needs.
4.        Enhance the quality & delivery of products & promises high standard of
5.        Greater vision & planning for future generation of products & works in  
             partnership with all customers.

MEDISHARE represents some of the leading companies in India on exclusive basis and some of these are as follows and have recorded one million US Dollar turnover over the last financial year.
USA, UK, Denmark, Germany & Canada are major suppliers and an Innovative place for new products.  MEDISHARE INC.  deals with few existing companies and soon will establish relationship with more suppliers to increase our present business and also launch and market new products.

MEDISHARE has Sales Personnel / Product Specialists/ Product Managers directly employed by us based at the metropolitan cities of India such as Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras for better coverage and hospital contacts.  Apart from the sales staff MEDISHARE also has excellent administrative staff in all the metropolitan cities.
We operate through our distributors, who are appointed for institutional business considering many factors like:  
1.       Reputation in the local market.
2.       Number and type of agencies being handled by the distributor.
3.       Financial status of the distributor
4.       Number of sales personnel/level of sales personal.
5.       Territory coverage (range)
At the moment we have registered 100 top dealers in all parts of the country for marketing our products and thus ensuring availability to key customers.
MEDISHARE is having head office at New Delhi


In case you need any information from our bankers regarding the financial status of the company, the same can be sent to you on your request.
Our Banker is:
Oriental Bank of Commerce
Saket Branch
Saket Club Building
New Delhi.
We in MEDISHARE mean Medical Surgical business in India.  We share the best, look for the best and want to set higher standard for Health Care in India.








Have experience of 30 Years

in Selling , Trading , Import / Mfg of Medical Consumable and Surgical Products and Providing Best Services
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